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The downward spiral of negative thoughts

Low moods hit us all from time to time, particularly when life becomes challenging, but if we feel depressed for more than a few weeks at a time, it could be a sign that something more serious is going on. If you are feeling depressed, it can be easy to get dragged into a downward spiral of negative thoughts. You might feel that nothing will change and that things will always be this way, meaning that you are left feeling even more depressed. When depression sets in like this, it can affect your relationships, your work life and how you see the world. It could be that you have experienced bouts of depression throughout your life or that a specific event might have triggered your depression. You may be finding it difficult to get over the death of a loved one or you may have experienced a life changing event such as redundancy or divorce. Sometimes these experiences can be difficult to come to terms with and can lead to depression.

How can counselling help with depression?

Breaking the cycle of negative thinking can be an important part of lifting yourself out of depression. Having the opportunity to talk through your feelings in a safe and confidential way may be what you need to break that cycle. Exploring the roots of your depression with someone who understands how your depression is affecting you can allow you to put your depression into context. Making connections between your past and present can go a long way to helping you understand why you are feeling low and it could be what you need to help you to feel more like yourself again.

Concerned about anxiety?
If you are looking for counselling for depression in Knowle or South Bristol,contact Susanne Hart Counselling Services on 
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