Couples Counselling

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To love at all is to be vulnerable – CS Lewis

Our expectations of what it means to be in a loving and intimate relationship, vary widely. Our hopes and needs for the future can become bound up in being “a couple” and when it feels like those hopes and needs aren’t being met by the person we share our lives with, many of us will feel exposed and vulnerable and will try to protect ourselves in sometimes confusing and painful ways.

How can couples counselling help?

Couples counselling can be a valuable opportunity to explore a relationship and any difficulties that have become a barrier to a happier life together. Exploring both of your expectations, hopes and needs within your relationship, opens up the possibility for you to understand why your relationship might be difficult at times and to find more helpful ways to share your life together. It is also an opportunity to find some peace and acceptance when a relationship is coming to an end. 
Relationship counselling is a joint process. If you are hoping to unravel and accept any unhelpful patterns that might be dominating a relationship; a shared commitment and engagement with the process is likely to make it a more fruitful experience for you both.
If you are looking for couples therapy in Knowle or South Bristol, 
please contact Susanne Hart Counselling Services on 
07592 593 734 for further information on how to make an appointment.
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