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First of all, I will invite you to come to my counselling room in Bristol for an initial consultation. This first session is as much about you checking me out as me seeing if I might be able to help you. Contacting me in the first place might have been a big step for you and you need to be sure that the service I offer is right for you before we agree anything further.


If we decide to make more appointments, there is no specific number of sessions that you have to sign up for. Some people feel able to support themselves again after only a few sessions, while others might want longer. How long we might work together is entirely dependent on what you feel you need and is something that we will decide together.

Want to know more about online counselling?


Please read this additional information as this may help you decide if this will suit your needs.

Online counselling

What will happen if you choose to make an appointment?

My aim is to establish safe counselling relationships that are built on respect and trust. My role is to walk alongside you without judgement as you explore your experience and how it is impacting your life now.


The way I work is based on the person-centred approach, which means that I consider you to be the best expert on you and your own experience. In essence, this means that I won't be telling you what to do or how to fix things. You are unique so there is no model that fits you exactly.  Instead, I will encourage you to use our relationship to explore your experience so that you can reconnect with who you really are – rather than the person that you have become due to difficult circumstances or because other people expect you to be that way.


I sometimes also use other techniques and theories that I feel are compatable with the way I work. This is known as an integrative approach because I am integrating other theories from outside of the person-centred tradition.

My approach to counselling

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