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The terms 'trauma' or 'traumatic' are used to describe experiences and events that can have a lasting and devastating effect on people's lives. It could be that you have witnessed something terrible or that you have been directly affected yourself. However you have been affected, experiencing a traumatic event can lead to bouts of anxiety, depression or a condition known as Post Traumatic Stress.


All types of abuse, whether psychological, physical or sexual are traumatic in nature. Disclosing to anyone that you are the victim of sexual, physical or psychological abuse might feel impossible or you might have told yourself that it wasn't that bad and pushed the thoughts of what happened to you away; hoping but failing to forget.  


I have experience with providing counselling for sexual abuse, and the impact of traumatic experiences and Post Traumatic Stress through my work with The Southmead Project and in my private practice. I understand how difficult it can be to talk about these kinds of experiences and the level of care needed to support someone through a programme of carefully paced and safe disclosure.

The Bristol Against Violence and Abuse website has a list of agencies that can help you with practical support and advice if you need to escape an abusive relationship.

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an abusive relationship?

Trauma and abuse

Both men and women can be victims of domestic abuse which can include physical violence, bullying, coercion and sexual abuse. It can have a huge impact on your self-esteem and leave you living in fear, even after you have escaped an abusive relationship.


I have experience of providing counselling for domestic abuse through my work with the WISH for a Brighter Future charity; work which I have continued in my private practice and I understand the complex and difficult mixture of emotions you might be experiencing.

Domestic abuse

If you are considering accessing online counselling and you have experienced a traumatic event or are a survivor of domestic, sexual or physical abuse; we will need to consider very carefully whether this might be right for you.


Do get in touch to talk about your counselling options with me.

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